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The Best of British Animation programme

The Best of British Animation programme was part of the London Film Festival held at the National Film Theatre during November 1987. David Jefferson reports. The LFF is a non-competitive event but there is a tradition of holding other award ceremonies during the course of the festival. Prior to the Best of British Animation, the… Read More »

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley

The studio name Klactoveesedstene (Animations Ltd) was taken from the label of a Charlie Parker record. Why? You may ask. Well, why not! If you forget the name in full, Klacto has a memorable ring, as have the films they produce at this clean, efficient, thoroughly workmanlike studio. Ken Clark chats with Oscar Grillo and… Read More »

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley – Page 2

It is probable that at the time of its introduction, the first Bugs Bunny cartoon could have been regarded as something quite revolutionary. Perhaps the phenomenon could only be fully appreciated in America with its strong tradition of comic strips, although everyone can identify with the dynamic characterisation of that particular rabbit which so ably… Read More »

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley – Page 3

“To live,” he said, “is one of the greatest arts one can practice because it is not easy. As human beings we continually inter-relate and in many cases the relationships can be painful.” It is very important to understand these aspects of Oscar Grillo’s personality because his philosophical approach to life has a strong influence… Read More »

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley Page 6

In the summer of the year Ted left college, David Hargreaves (producer of DIYAS) took charge of the BBC Illiteracy project. The BBC produced several pilot programmes all using animated inserts to varying degrees. Ted’s work on the pilots proved successful and he was asked to do the animation for the whole ‘On The Move’… Read More »

Breakfast with a Blob

Paul Couvella entered two films in the recent ANIMA Festival, one was voted ‘best film’ by the audience and the other chosen by the guest speaker as ‘showing the most promise’. Paul outlines the background to their production. Towards the end of 1986 I was turned down in my application to West Surrey College of… Read More »

Animating in Turkey

You really have to love your job to take all this punishment, writes Tahsin Ozaur from Istanbul. “Daha bitmedi mi?” (“Isn’t it finished yet?”) The gentleman wearing a suit, necktie, and a smug, condescending grin, peering irritatingly over my shoulder, is one of my bosses. Being employed by an advertising agency means my bosses are… Read More »

Perspective for animators

In drawn animation one of the most difficult things to create is a sense of depth, with characters which are not flat shapes on a flat background but have the appearance of being solid in a three dimensional world. That means drawing and animating in perspective, writes George Collin. There are many books available on… Read More »