Bob Godfrey workshop lecture

This article is based on a workshop lecture given by Bob Godfrey at the Stuttgart Animation Festival. The session opened with a showing of a film from the Rhubarb series. Rhubarb was drawn with magic markers on paper for economy and speed. We made about 30 in all. Today many, many more childrens’ films are … Read more

Animating in Turkey

You really have to love your job to take all this punishment, writes Tahsin Ozaur from Istanbul. “Daha bitmedi mi?” (“Isn’t it finished yet?”) The gentleman wearing a suit, necktie, and a smug, condescending grin, peering irritatingly over my shoulder, is one of my bosses. Being employed by an advertising agency means my bosses are … Read more

Girl’s night out – Joanna Quinn

Girls Night Out won three awards at Annecy ‘87. Joanna Quinn tells the story behind the film. Girls Night Out took approximately three years to make and was started when I was still a student at Middlesex Polytechnic. When I left the college the film existed as a simple line test with a rough soundtrack. … Read more