The Masters of Animation collection

John Halas talks about an exciting new series of programmes which form a world-wide survey of animation. Interview by David Jefferson. The idea for an animation show reel of the world-wide industry was first put forward at a board meeting of ASIFA about ten years ago. It was an enormous task for anyone to undertake … Read more

The Masters of Animation collection – Page 2

For the programme on his own country, Great Britain, Halas has chosen the themes ‘pioneering spirit’, ‘diversity of styles’ and ‘adult entertainment’. “I have been very much involved with the ‘adult’ spectrum of animation since the war, when we were working for the Ministry of Information to assist the war effort. That was a good … Read more

Whatever happened to Signal Film Unit?

Ken Clark has been finding out about a puppet animation unit that followed in the footsteps of George Pal. When Britain went to war in 1939, Gerard Holdsworth had already joined the cloak-and-dagger brigade. His wartime exploits included the organisation of the Helston Flotilla and the Norwegian Resistance; groups operating from South Africa; finally the … Read more

Whatever happened to Signal Film Unit? – Page 2

Managing-Director Holdsworth relinquished his position as Time neared completion. Retaining a directorship on the board of Signal Films, Gerry left to take over the full-time running of live-action studio Wallace Productions. Robert G. Leffmgwell, an ex-Disney man, came in to take his place, with the inevitable result Gerry failed to get a mention on The … Read more

The Video-of-the-Film-of-the-Book

Brian Sibley reviews animated film versions of three modern classics, now released on video. “There are,” wrote A. A. Mime, “two well-known ways in which to make a play out of a book. You may insist on being faithful to the author, which means that the scene in the aeroplane on page 673 must be … Read more

The Video-of-the-Film-of-the-Book – Page 2

No such criticism can be levelled against another Rankin-Bass production, The Last Unicorn (Channel 5 video, CFV 01862) which is one of the most pictorially evocative cartoons ever made; and certainly the most ornate piece of animation since Disney’s Sleeping Beauty (1959), to which this film owes a particular debt for the angular stylization of … Read more

David Hand (1900— 1986)

My introduction to David Hand was about thirty years ago when I used to possess a Gingernut Annual, writes April Spencer. As far as I can remember the cover was m full colour, but I believe the inside illustrations were just in two colours, black and orange. The images were very strong and also the … Read more