Animation B.C. (Before Computers)

By Steve Archer After one years hard writing Wills O’Brien: Special Effects Genius is about to hit the shops. By strange coincidence both O’Brien and myself like things western, and much of O’Brien’s work contained western themes: Gwang, Mighty Joe Young, The Westernettes and The Last of the Oso Si-Papu, but more about that later. … Read more

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After three months the work dried up and I returned to Shepherds Bush Odeon Cinema as a projectionist. Three years later I received a phone call from Culley’s cameraman, Gus Ramsden, and blue-screen technician, Dennis Barkleh, who told me that Ray Harryhausen was looking for an assistant for his new film, Clash of the Titans. I … Read more

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Following the demise of Force of the Trojans, I was hired by Clearwater Films in Battersea – which no longer exists – to animate on various TV commercials. On most of these, I worked alongside Steven Asquith for directors David Mitton and Keith Turner. This led to more animation work on various other commercials for … Read more

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My last animation work on a feature film was on the sequel, Gate II released in 1990 for which I contributed about half of the animation for special effects director Randy Cook (of Ghostbusters fame) at his Ruckus Studio. For Gate II (which went straight to video in this country and isn’t even available in Barnes) I … Read more

Barry Purves talks about Screenplay

Barry Purves talks to Sylvie Bosher about his film Screenplay and his future projects. Barry Purves won the Young Jury’s Best Film Award recently at the Bourges en Bresse Festival in France for his film Screenplay. I was lucky enough to see Screenplay at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in Canada where the film also … Read more

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Barry spent five months writing the script of Screenplay before signing a contract with Channel Four in October, 1991. He then spent nine months laying the groundwork for thirteen weeks of filming. Barry said he usually worked all day and often at night. It was so hot that he wore a swimming costume for work … Read more

Martin Cheek stop-frame puppet animation

No strings attached! Martin Cheek Puppet Animation has specialised in stop-frame puppet animation films since 1982. Martin Cheek is a puppet maker and animator who works on commercials while developing children’s programmes for television from his own and other ideas through a new company called “Cheeky Films”, reports David Jefferson. Martin Cheek has a studio … Read more