Mark Hall co-founder of Cosgrove Hall

Mark Hall is a co-founder of Cosgrove Hall Productions. He has been particularly associated with the puppet animation side of the studio as originator, animator, producer and director. Interview by Ken Clark. On the wall of Mark Hall’s office hang a number of British Academy Awards: Pied Piper, best childrens’ programme 1981. Prix Juenesse 1982. … Read more

The puppet workshop at Cosgrove Hall

The puppet workshop can produce anything from a miniature suit of armour to a two foot high model giant, writes David Jefferson. All around the puppet workshop evidence of fine craftsmanship can be seen. On the workbenches are plaster moulds and rubber animals in various stages of construction. A miniature suit of armour caught my … Read more

John Hambley Chief Executive Cosgrove Hall interview

John Hambley is Chief Executive at Cosgrove Hall and a senior member of Thames Television’s programme management. As former Controller of Children’s Programmes he was responsible for creating and producing a wide range of children’s programmes for ITV. He co-founded Cosgrove Hall Productions as a subsidiary of Thames Television. He is interviewed by Ken Clark. … Read more