Producers – Who needs them?

Does a producer provide a helpful overview or an obstruction to genius? A creative protector or a meddler? An initiator or an exploiter? These are some of the questions a seminar organised by Cartoon UK, at the International Animation Festival Cardiff, set out to answer. Report by David Jefferson. Ian Harvey opened the seminar by … Read more

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Sometimes directors are also producers, sometimes they also edit their own films, they take on a variety of roles but there are always several people working on it and ideally they all make creative contributions to the film. We are careful about the camera person we use or fussy about the editor we use because … Read more

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“Film-making is even more enjoyable when it is a social activity. While it is possible to do everything on your own it is incredibly gruelling,” said Mark. “It is exhilarating to work with people who care equally about the project as I do. They also care very strongly about their particular field. Although I have … Read more

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Clare Kitson was the final speaker. She is a commissioning editor with Channel 4 and first becomes involved with any project when it is presented to her by the film-maker “It is normally the director who brings it to me,” explained Clare. “I think that is quite right, because all I am after initially is … Read more

Is there a future in short animated fiction?

A seminar held at the Annecy Animation Festival addressed the question of the future of the short animated fiction film in the light of the many political and economic changes taking place in the world today. David Jefferson reports. Panel: Eduard Nazarov, Russia Giulio Gianini, Italy Bill Plympton, USA Raoul Servais, Belgium Robert Basler, Spain … Read more

Is there a future in short animated fiction? – Page 3

Clare Kitson, a programme commissioner for Channel 4 television, was also optimistic. She maintained the future of personal animated films depended on three factors; whether there is public demand; whether there are animators who are up to it; and whether there is money. “Up to now we have not been sure about the public demand, … Read more

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The students submit proposals and a panel chooses the best and most promising ideas. Each of the students spends three months in the glass fronted studio developing the project and shooting a small amount of footage. They work with a production consultant who helps them present their work to a television company. “This is an … Read more