I’m just mad about Saffron

Paul Thomas is probably the most independent of London’s independent animators. He has turned his back on commercial work to follow his own dreams. He talks to David Jefferson about his latest production based on black and white photographs animated against painted backgrounds. If you have read past issues of Animator you may know something … Read more

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The production team was culled from various phases of Paul’s career. Co-animator/scriptwriter, David Skinner was an old school chum. He previously worked with Paul on RAM, a film for Channel 4. David’s fine art backgrounds add a maturity and logic that compliments Paul’s way out state of mind. David spent long days and nights working … Read more

Stowaways on the Ark

Very little animation has been produced in Germany in the past. Now that is changing with the production of a feature length cartoon. Harald Kraut, one of the animators, gives his view of the production. There was not much happening in animation in Germany until recently, and no studio has produced animation of an international … Read more

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But special effects alone do not make a good film, therefore we have fine animators as well. First and foremost we are glad to have the support of Harold Whitaker, who is one of the most experienced British animators. Also, a young talent, Uli (Ulrich) Meyer was working on the film; at only 24 years … Read more

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1. Clouds by Juan Japl. 2 – 6. Scenes from the film. 7. Background by Juan Japl. 8. First stages of Ark construction. Model built by Harald Kraut for live-action shoot – to be used via matte work – with live-action water, which was electronically coloured. 9. Left to right: Producer Dr. Michael Schoemann, producer … Read more