Channel 4: commissioning and purchasing animation

Since Channel 4 started seven years ago it has funded many outstanding animated films from the popular Snowman to the work of independents such as The Quays and Leeds Animation Workshop. The Bristol Animation Festival held a seminar to look at some of the problems associated with programming short animation films within schedules geared to … Read more

The Great Animation Debate

A debate about merchandising based on children’s animated television programmes took place at the Bristol Animation Festival. Report from David Jefferson. We have seen more print spilled about children’s animated television programmes over the past twelve months than there has been for a long time. It is difficult to measure what is serious concern in … Read more

The Great Animation Debate – Page 2

Sue Crockford drew a parallel between animation and drama which is also very difficult to fund. “Channel 4 has been working with six European countries to set up co-productions, specifically in the area of drama but also talking about animation. Those involved are the Scandinavians, West Germans, Swiss, Italians, Spanish, Austrians and ourselves. Over the … Read more