Animated cartoons televised in the USA 1946-1981 – Page 4

Pressure groups act In the late sixties, the cartoon formats featuring fantastic super beings engaging grotesque monsters in colourful mayhem, aroused alarmed citizens groups. Also in their competitive zeal, Saturday morning advertisers were making the most of their liberal commercial time with pitches for everything from sugar-coated vitamins to outrageously expensive toys, some of which … Read more

The kitchen as an puppet animation studio

The Burglar was voted the most popular film at the Animator’s Association (ANIMA) Festival held in September. Film maker Tina Fletcher tells how she progressed from puppet shows to puppet films and the production of The Burglar. ‘The Burglar” was shot in our kitchen. Nothing very extraordinary about that, for in the amateur film making … Read more

Art Babbitt’s animation seminar

Ken Clark went along to Art Babbitt’s seminar on animation held in London and organized by the Richard Williams Studio. Dateline Tuesday August 28th 1984. I arrived outside the Richard Williams Studios as Art Babbitt was leaving for the preview studio where he was holding his third seminar on the art of animation. At first … Read more

Art Babbitt’s animation seminar – Page 2

“Everybody writes books about the history of animation, and the technicalities of the rostrum camera, but few tell you how to animate. Some call it Art – that’s wishful thinking. It is little more than finger-painting. Although we are going one step further than finger-painting, animation at present is still at the stage where we … Read more

Scratch and Tiger Trax Animation

David Jefferson went on safari down The Old Kent Road to find Britain’s smallest animation studio. Tiger Trax Animation is situated in a block of flats just off the Old Kent Road. As Paul Thomas, who owns Tiger Trax, lead me up the concrete stairs and along the open passageways that lead to his front … Read more

Scratch and Tiger Trax Animation – Page 2

An avid collector of animation memorabilia, Paul has off-cuts from Bob Godfrey’s editing bin, paper animations from “Rhubarb”, cels from various well known productions and a collection of posters issued by animation studios plastered over the walls of his work room. Working from home can be a problem if tradesmen call and he has cels … Read more