The Thief and the Cobbler: Recobbled Cut (2006)

        Category: Outstanding Videos | Article posted on: February 23, 2011

A reconstruction of Richard Williams’ animation masterpiece, “cobbled” together from the many existing cuts to bring the film closer to its original form. This version deletes the song sequences and other scenes, as well as redubbed voices added by The Completion Bond Company. Scenes are also added back, as well as long-unheard vocal performances by Sir Anthony Quayle and Sir Felix Aylmer. The aim of the Recobbled Cut is to provide the closest version that is faithful to Richard Williams’ vision, uses the best possible quality audio and video, while also presenting it in the full 2.35:1 Panavision widescreen format. This latest version includes many of the deleted scenes from a stunning 35mm workprint. Video reconstruction by Garrett Gilchrist. Video source courtesy of Orange Cow Productions. Copyright 2006-2008.

Note: This is a playlist with eleven parts.