Booty Clap by Kirsten Lepore (2010)

        Category: Instructional Videos | Article posted on: March 10, 2011

A dancer shows how to shake your booty in this 15 second animation exercise. The puppet is flexible foam covered with nylon stockings. The head is Super Sculpey. Tie downs were used to hold the feet in place. There are threaded holes in her feet and holes in the wood that she’s standing on. A bolt and wing nut goes through both so she’s fastened to the ground. Kirsten Lepore said “There are wires coming from the chest and from the waist with round epoxy plates/spheres at the end (so that I can grab them and animate them). Those are then covered with polyurethane foam, which was then covered with stockings/woman’s pantyhose. The hands are basically just the armature dipped in several thin layers of liquid latex, each dries completely before I dip the next. The whole thing is a build-up technique I usually use because moulds are a huge pain and the movement isn’t usually as good as with this build-up technique”.

The music is Next to You by DJ Class.
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