Bill Plympton – Hair High (2004)

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Hair High, is a gothic 1950s high-school comedy about a love-triangle that goes terribly bad, with two young, murdered teens returning to their prom to get revenge. It stars the voice talents of Sarah Silverman, David and Keith Carradine, and Dermot Mulroney, and was co-produced by Martha Plimpton.

Hair High Anicam (2004)
During the course of production a web-cam was installed over Bill’s drawing-board. The computer captured a still image and every 4 seconds uploaded an image on the Plymptoons website. Viewers were able to follow the drawing process of the film in real time.
Hair High extract – the kiss (2004)

Warning: this clip may put you off kissing for life.

There is a live web cam at the Plympton web site. Watch over Bill’s shoulder as he animates his new feature, Idiots and Angels.