Tous Des Monstres (All Monsters) (2010)

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The shocking story of hunchback orphan boy who joins a travelling freak show, this computer animated film is a graduation film created by Nicolas Deprez, Laurent Jaffier, Pierre Lippens and Gabrielle Lissot. There was no funding since it was a student project, all equipment was provided by Supinfocom, France and the soundtrack was done without charge by other students.

The team was formed in October 2008 around an idea proposed by Gabrielle. They got together because they were all interested in the two worlds of circus and monsters. They each had complementary skills. They all came from different backgrounds, Laurent and Nicolas had done studies focused on graphic arts while Peter and Gabrielle were more interested in film. This combination of interests and talents seemed ideal for the production of a short animated film.

Gabrielle has proposed a first draft screenplay on the theme of monstrosity through the world of “freak show”. They kept the theme but extended the idea of monstrosity physics to moral monstrosity. They decided to raise the question “Who are the monsters?” Summing up they got the premise, “All Monsters!”, which has also become their title. To highlight this monstrosity they decided to oppose the absolute purity and simplicity. That’s how they got to tell the story of a hunchback orphan boy who has no place in his village and hopes to be accepted by this strange family that is the circus of monsters who installed their tent on the main square. And beware, the monsters are not always those that are believed.

Information based on an article at Inspire Yourself.

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