Shine – Nordic Giants Feat by Bram Ttwheam (2012)

        Category: Entertaining Videos | Article posted on: June 1, 2012

Aardman Animations director Bram Ttwheam, who has worked on numerous BAFTA award winning film’s has teamed up with artist Tristan Stevens to create Nordic Giants much anticipated first video release for their debut single, Shine, featuring the vocals and lyrics of Cate Ferris.

Nordic Giants the post rock duo smashed onto the scene little over a year ago. Influenced by the likes of Massive Attack and Cinematic Orchestra, the band have already shared the stage with Ratatat, Mogwai and headlined the world premiere of ‘The Blot Symphony’ a visual art piece by Ralph Steadman.

Hidden behind feathered masks and effortlessly changing between instruments, the Nordic Giants perform live original soundtracks to a backdrop of award winning short films From dreamy ambient swells, epic builds and huge moments of power to a combination of dark, funny and beautiful short films, which can bring tears, smiles and actually scare you at times.

Their debut video is a fully animated tour de force made and directed by Bram Ttwheam with the kind use of artwork by Tristan Stevens.

Nordic Giants discovered Tristan Stevens, who is a Somerset based artist, at his exhibition and they were very quick to build a collaborative relationship with him.

‘Tristan’s work feels like a complete world, it is dense and ethereal at the same time, and the creatures who populate this world have a poignancy and depth that really intrigues.’ said Nordic Giants.

Ttwheam says of working with Nordic Giants. ‘The emotional depth of Cate Ferris’ words charged with the power of the Nordic Giants musical interpretation immediately inspired the storyteller in me. This video may tell a simple story but it doesn’t shy away from packing an emotional punch.’