Phantasma by Alessandro Corrêa (2012)

        Category: Entertaining Videos | Article posted on: July 15, 2012
This beautiful and yet gory film was made by Brazilian animator Alessandro Corrêa. We asked Alessandro for some background information on the film:

“I read the book The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux and saw the 1925 silent movie and thought it would be fun to work on my own version. I used bright colors and tried to make the characters act in a fake, “over-theatrical” way.

The Phantasma was done without any big money investment. As a matter of fact I haven’t spent much money at all, apart from paying for the DVD, print the covers and mail expenses.

The drawing and animation part was done in my home PC, here in Sao Paulo – Brasil, where I used Photoshop to creat some of the drawings and to give them texture and color. I animated the characters and sets in After Effects, mostly, using the cut out technic. For the Phantasma character I wanted a more fluid animation to contrast with the rest, so I used Toon-Boom Animate Pro and draw frame by frame with a tablet. It took me a year from the start of the project to the end, with some months of interval along the way.

The audio is something apart. The sound track was done by Gavin Folgert, from Wisconsin-USA, whom I’ve never actually met. A friend in common introduced us true the internet and suggested we should do something together. When I heard his music I thought it was perfect. A lot of the animation was inspired by his music.

Davidson Lopes, the sound effects and audio mixer guy, is a friend from my home town in Brasil, and we did an animation together last year, and the work went so well that we decided to work together again.

The singer is Enio Mendes, whom I met in college. He lives in Switzerland and sings opera over there. We thought it would be good to have a man singing the female parts, for it would enhance the stagey look.

After we had all the animation and music and sound together I took the film to a friend’s company and he helped me put everything together and make the final copes for internet, DVD, et cetera.

The Phantom was made at home, without physical contact with any other members of the team. We all live far away from each other, and communication and file sending was all done thru the internet.”