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France2 Christmas jingle by Geraldine Karolyi (2011)

This jolly Christmas spot was made entirely with the free Blender software. It was shown a number of times on French television over the holiday period. It was directed by Geraldine Karolyi at her own company, 17mars with the help of members of the Blender community. Geraldine tells the story behind the production at blendernation.com.

Un Monstre à Paris (English trailer) by Bibo Bergeron (2011)

English title A Monster in Paris. It is set in Paris,1910. Emile, a shy movie protectionist, and Raoul, a colorful inventor, find themselves embarked on the hunt for a monster terrorizing citizens. The film is being made by Bibo Bergeron’s French studio, Bibo Films, and will screen in France in October. Bergeron previously directed Shark Tale… Read More »

Jean-Luc by Julien Daubas (2010)

The style of this video is reminiscent of Tex Avery, with frantic action and sexual innuendo. It was made at the l’école des Gobelins, France by Julien Daubas, Fabien Guillaume, Jérémy Macedo, Jean-Baptiste Maligne, Paul Nivet and Arthur Peltzer with the aid of Ugo Bienvenu.

Jean-François by Tom Haugomat & Bruno Mangyoku (2009)

A champion swimmer wins his race, and yet seems haunted by images from his childhood. Directed by Bruno Mangyoku and Tom Haugomat, the film was co-produced by Cube Creative in France. This film received the ‘Jean Luc Xiberras de la première oeuvre’ award at the Annecy Festival 2010.

Mortys by Gaëlle Lebègue (2011)

This is an emotional and generational conflict between mother and son with a twist… the mother is none other than Death. It was co-directed by four students of ESMA Montpellier, France; Gaëlle Lebègue, Aurélien Ronceray Peslin-Mathieu Vidal and Nicolas Villeneuve.

The Rocketeer by John Banana (2011)

This is a fan tribute to Dave Stevens’ classic comic book hero The Rocketeer. It was produced and directed by John Banana. After 10 years in the digital industry, John Banana set up Digital Banana Studio, a Paris based small animation studio producing TV series pilots, commercials and short films. He made this short film to… Read More »