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How to eat your Apple by Erick Oh (2011)

How to eat your Apple is an extension of Erick Oh’s recent illustration series in the form of an animated poem. It is without a protagonist, a defined narrative, set point of camera view or any other aspect of mainstream film language; How to eat your Apple surrealistically portrays human nature and its essence in… Read More »

Tooth Fairy Affair by Izabela Melamed (2011)

This is beautifully crafted traditional animation in pencil on paper. The pencil lines really add energy to the animation and the hands are particularly impressive. Tooth Fairy Affair was directed and animated by Izabela Melamed. Izabela is a character animator, storyboard artist and animation director. Career highlights include her work at National Cartoon Animation Studio Sofia in… Read More »

Zero by Christopher Kezelos (2009)

Born into a world of numbers, an oppressed zero discovers that through determination, courage, and love, nothing can be truly something. Zero was written and directed by Christopher Kezelos. Christopher graduated from Sydney University, majoring in film production. For more than a decade he has worked as a writer, producer, director and editor on ads,… Read More »

Jazzed by Anton Setola (2008)

This movie plays with forms and colors in a beautiful and brilliant way. It was directed by Anton Setola, an animator, illustrator and comic artist based in Ghent, Belgium. The music is by Frederik Segers. Since 2008 the film has been selected by more than 60 festivals worldwide and has won several awards. More info and… Read More »

The Guest by Henrik Malmgren (2010)

In a socially deprived society, Elsa the widow gets her lonely dinner brutally interrupted, and she makes a decision that changes more than her own life. The Danish director Henrik Malmgren teaches interaction design, digital modelling and animation. He said, “I used Autodesk Maya to make the film. Some texture work was made in Photoshop… Read More »

The Incident at Tower 37 by Chris Perry (2011)

Tower 37 siphons every drop of water from a once-pristine lake, that is, until the station’s steward realizes that it is slowly destroying an entire ecosystem. The film was written and directed by Chris Perry who teaches animation at Hampshire College, Northampton, MA, USA. It was produced within the collaborative animation curriculum at the college.

Joy of Destruction by Xaver Xylophon (2010)

A film about the human drive to destroy things, from the relatively innocent act of bursting a balloon, through to the horror of war and the ecological disaster of polluting the planet. Xaver Xylophon is a student of visual communication at KHB Berlin.

Tango for Jansjo by Carlo Vogele (2011)

This is a melodrama performed by desklamps. Director Carlo Vogele said, “I shot this film in my apartment in San Francisco. The idea came to my mind while wandering around the local IKEA store trying to find the exit! And the incredibly slick and stylish JANSJO Desklamp instantly attracted me, her slick design makes her… Read More »

Plum Flower Deer by Yoho Hang Yue (2009)

Director, Yoho Hang Yue developed the story about a pair of Plum Flower Deer, who are separated by an act of man but are rejoined in spirit. The Plum Flower Deer is one of the most auspicious, divine animals in Chinese culture. The Plum Flower Tree itself has been the subject of innumerable paintings and… Read More »