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Modern Guide to Health (1947)

From Halas and Batchelor for the ministry of health, this is an interesting historic commentary on England following World War 2. We are told that the city is full of smoke so get out into the country at weekends. The section on the housewife advises her to take at least a 30 minute break from household chores before bed.

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Betty Boop Minnie the Moocher (1932)

Betty Boop runs away from home with Bimbo to get away from strict parents. They enter some woods where they meet a ghost who sings Minnie the Moocher. This jazz song was performed by Cab Calloway and his Orchestra and featured the lyrics “Hidee-Hidee-Hidee-hi”. Calloway also appears in a live-action introductory sequence to the film in a Blues Brothers style dance. The Fleischer animators worked in a sexy scene where a nude statue comes to life and preservers her modesty by pulling on a skirt.

Betty Boop, M.D. (1932)

Betty Boop performs a sexy song and dance act in a travelling show, to sell a fake medicine called Jippo. She sings, “If your feeling wealthy, and wanna be healthy, now’s the time to buy Jippo.”

Betty Boop – Boop Oop a Doop clip (1986)

A documentary showing the voice of Betty Boop, Mae Questel, singing “Please don’t take my boop-oop-a-doop away” followed by an analysis of some of the elements that made Betty in to a sex symbol for adults whilst remaining innocent entertainment for children. Such things as a single drawing in a sequence where her dress was blown up by the wind, showing more detail in a certain area than the other drawings, giving a subliminal message. The animators also used backlight behind a flimsy dress to disrobe her, although outright nudity was not allowed.

Walt Disney’s last filmed appearance (1966)

Disney D23’s Armchair Archivists tracked down Walt Disney’s last filmed appearance which was on 27 October 1966. This was a few days before doctors discovered Walt Disney had a tumor on his lung. Sadly he died on 15 December 1966. In the clip Walt talks about The Happiest Millionaire featuring British pop singer Tommy Steel which was in production at the time.

Walt Disney’s office – an inside look

Disney Legend and Former Chief Archivist Dave Smith gives you an inside look into the offices of the man himself, Walt Disney. Find out why the Walt Disney office seen on his TV appearances looks different to this office.

The Band Concert – Mickey Mouse (1935)

This is notable for being the first Mickey Mouse film in Technicolor by Walt Disney. It is said that when conductor Arturo Toscanini first saw the cartoon in a movie theater, he was so delighted with it that he ran up to the projection booth and asked the projectionist to run it again. In 1994 it was voted number 3 of the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all time by members of the animation field.

Flip The Frog – Fiddlesticks (1930)

This was the first color sound cartoon ever made. Fiddlesticks was made in two-color Technicolor. It was created by Ub Iwerks who had drawn a frog and his girlfriend for one of the last Silly Symphonies short films while working for Walt Disney. After leaving Disney, Ub Iwerks began the Flip cartoon series with the help of Pat Powers.