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Phantasma by Alessandro Corrêa (2012)

This beautiful and yet gory film was made by Brazilian animator Alessandro Corrêa. We asked Alessandro for some background information on the film:

“I read the book The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux and saw the 1925 silent movie and thought it would be fun to work on my own version. I used bright colors and tried to make the characters act in a fake, “over-theatrical” way.

The Phantasma was done without any big money investment. As a matter of fact I haven’t spent much money at all, apart from paying for the DVD, print the covers and mail expenses.
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Shine – Nordic Giants Feat by Bram Ttwheam (2012)

Aardman Animations director Bram Ttwheam, who has worked on numerous BAFTA award winning film’s has teamed up with artist Tristan Stevens to create Nordic Giants much anticipated first video release for their debut single, Shine, featuring the vocals and lyrics of Cate Ferris.

Nordic Giants the post rock duo smashed onto the scene little over a year ago. Influenced by the likes of Massive Attack and Cinematic Orchestra, the band have already shared the stage with Ratatat, Mogwai and headlined the world premiere of ‘The Blot Symphony’ a visual art piece by Ralph Steadman.
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How to eat your Apple by Erick Oh (2011)

How to eat your Apple is an extension of Erick Oh’s recent illustration series in the form of an animated poem. It is without a protagonist, a defined narrative, set point of camera view or any other aspect of mainstream film language; How to eat your Apple surrealistically portrays human nature and its essence in the circle of life, its change and death as shown by re-compositing various symbols and objects. This piece flows more like a moving illustration than an animated film, and connects to Erick’s other static illustration pieces and written stories which finally culminates to one big quintessential question on life.

Erick Oh is a Korean animation artist based in California, USA.

Pythagasaurus by Peter Peake (2011)

Pythagasaurus starts off looking like a maths education film but soon reveals humour aimed at a more mature audience. When a volcano threatens to blow two prehistoric men enlist the aid a mathematician dinosaur. Directed by Peter Peake at Aardman Animations studio, with the voices of Bill Bailey, Martin Trenaman and Simon Greenall.

Yo Gabba Gabba Sea Friends by HunterGatherer (2010)

HunterGatherer were commissioned by Yo Gabba Gabba to animate a song they had written called “Sea Friends”. It is a stop-motion music video for preschoolers about fish and other friends in the sea. All creatures and scenery in the video are painted wood. Mason Jennings performed the song. HunterGatherer is a New York, NY design, illustration, animation and production studio founded by Todd St. John.