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Paul Driessen Workshop

This article is based on a workshop talk given by Paul Driessen at the Stuttgart Animation Festival ‘88. When animators are engaged on commercial work or series work, they often have to produce a set amount of footage each day to keep within the budget. It doesn’t matter so much what the quality is like… Read More »

Paul Driessen Workshop – Page 2

They cover the West Coast of America all the way up to Vancouver and it seems to work there as well. They spend money on promotion but not so much on people. The animators are always complaining they are a little slow in paying. Television is committed to set times: one-hour TV specials and so… Read More »

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A mistake some people make is to think they can do every aspect of film production on their own. They should realise some people are better at story writing rather than animation. Or good animators are bad story writers, or don’t know anything about sound, or even don’t recognise bad sound, bad story writing or… Read More »

Ray Fields workshop lecture

Ray Fields was principal lecturer in AV studies at Liverpool Polytechnic. He gave the following workshop lecture to a group of international students at the Stuttgart Animation Festival 1988. I would like to concentrate on education – visual education, education and movement. I intend to examine a number of apparent opposites. My theme is the… Read More »

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Students are quite naturally interested in how they are going to earn their money, so they need certain training. In the British educational system, government is now demanding that the students should be trained in specialisation almost immediately. Obviously philistine governments don’t understand about aspects of intuition or sensibilities or feeling. They want the goods,… Read More »

How to be a Racing Driver

By David Coleman “You’re going to give a talk on animation at my school next Friday.” “Eh? What?” “Well I told the head¬mistress you would, so that’s that. There are disadvantages to having a sister who’s a primary school teacher. Now and then she wants a zoetrope built – or repaired. She will appropriate one’s… Read More »

Animation Workshops with Young People

Jessica Langford runs an animation workshop in Edinburgh and much of her work involves contact with the local schools. She gives us the benefit of her experience. Animation is one of the simplest, most creative and exciting ways of making a film – and these are some of the main reasons why young people respond… Read More »