Nik Lever of Catalyst Pictures

Catalyst Pictures Ltd was formed in June 1985 by Nik Lever, Caroline Titley and Paul Miller to produce TV commercials and corporate films, particularly animation. Report by David Jefferson. All three directors previously worked for Orchid Productions Ltd in Manchester – the largest independent animation/live action house outside London. They left in order to concentrate … Read more

Nik Lever of Catalyst Pictures – Page 3

DJ: Can you tell me about the Irish Bank Commercial. It looks to me as if you used a combination of 3D animation and cel animation. NL: The action was painted on cels, we achieved the appearance of depth by the use of multi-plane. We have been experimenting with multi-plane to overcome the inherent problems. … Read more

Nik Lever of Catalyst Pictures Page 6

DJ: What about transferring for the American market as their television runs at sixty-fields-per second whilst in Britain it is fifty? NL: The system used is called standards conversion. Every fourth field is seen twice for NTSC. DJ: When American programmes are transferred for British television you often see strobing on fast movements. NL: That … Read more

Klacto – Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley

The studio name Klactoveesedstene (Animations Ltd) was taken from the label of a Charlie Parker record. Why? You may ask. Well, why not! If you forget the name in full, Klacto has a memorable ring, as have the films they produce at this clean, efficient, thoroughly workmanlike studio. Ken Clark chats with Oscar Grillo and … Read more