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Winsor McCay, His Life and Art – Page 2

McCay was fascinated by the theatre and by the circus in particular; his early professional work was to paint posters for a dime museum. This can best be described as an amusement arcade, variety hall, circus and fun fair all under one roof. There was, alas, no equivalent on this side of the Atlantic. It… Read More »

Fine Art Babbitt

Brian Sibley reviews Channel 4’s documentary about veteran Disney animator, Art Babbitt. For years his name languished in obscurity: official Disney historians ignored his existence, while those who wrote about Disney in critical, iconoclastic terms only ever referred to him darkly as the animator who led the Disney studio strike of 1941. Having reached the… Read More »

An American Tail

Jeremy Clark has been to see An American Tail. He examines the plot structure and finds resonances from Shakespeare and Hitchcock to King Kong and Disney. When Don Bluth left the Disney organization, to produce his own feature films, his intention was to undertake work worthy of the standards set by Disney in the heyday… Read More »

An American Tail – Page 2

Whilst it fits in with the idea of Fievel’s growing up while separated from his parents, there is insufficient dramatic material here to furnish a workable sub-plot. Mice plotting against cats does have such potential, but the cats’ visual design lets it down. Low-life, street criminal type New York Cats seem trivial after the truly… Read More »

An American Tail – Page 3

If Bluth is good when he is borrowing from other film-makers, it must be said that he is easily their equal when exercising originality. His credits on the film include designing and storyboarding in addition to producing and directing, and it is an impressive achievement. The Cossack Cats must be mentioned again in this regard;… Read More »

My Top Ten animated films

Godfrey Jones tells us about his favourite animated films plus a few pet hates. I enjoyed the article by Paul Thomas about his top ten shorts in (in Animator issue 19). May I give you my ten favourites? Two are on Paul’s list. However, I’ll start at the beginning. 1. Little Nemo – Windsor McCay.… Read More »

Snow White – Behind the Magic Mirror

It took 750 artists three years to produce Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Richard Holliss looks at the innovation that went on behind the scenes. Almost as legendary as the premiere itself of Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, was the reception it received from the celebrity audience. Hardened movie-moguls and their… Read More »