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Make it Better by Climent Canal (2011)

This video plays with the words “I’m going to make it better” in a simple but entertaining way. It was created by Climent Canal with animation by Sebasti√°n Baptista. Climent Canal is a graphic designer from Barcelona based in London, UK. More info: climentcanal.com

Iron Baby by Patrick Boivin (2010)

This is an Iron Man movie parody starring Patrick Boivin’s baby girl. Patrick said, “The costume is all CG and it was created in 3dsMax 2011 and rendered with Vray by my Friend Strob. I made the compositing with a stupid software that I won’t recommend.”

Sex Education for Nintendo by Brandon Ray (2010)

This was the finalist for the Valentine’s Day joke contest on the Paper People Jokes app. Brandon Ray said, “I’m a self-taught animator that likes cheese tasting, beard grooming and pretending to be a musician.” The joke is told by Amy Vanderhill. Paper People invite you to send in your jokes. More info: paperpeoplejokes.com

The Pig Farmer by Nick Cross (2011)

A farming pig gets mixed up with a group of fox hippies. They introduce him to drugs and this leads to tragedy and regret. Animated using Flash and a Cintiq tablet. Backgrounds done in Photoshop. Composited using After Effects and Final Cut Pro. More info at pyatyletka.blogspot.com

SuperBattle Episode 1 by Ethan Marak (2010)

When a notorious super-villain escapes from his subterranean prison, the enigmatic robot warden summons his most powerful henchman to deliver justice. This is a personal project by professional animator Ethan Marak and was four years in the making. More info about the film’s production at angrypuppet.blogspot.com

Evil K’Negg by Grayden Laing (2010)

Grayden Laing’s inspiration for this dark little gem came while he was browsing the toy shelves at a local shop. When he saw the motorized tricycle a vision appeared before him of Evil K’Negg upon it. It was the first of an online series called “Eggs Gone Wild”.