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Annecy Animation festival 1993 – Page 2

“When Fern gully was complete we had used four tons of paint on 150,000 cels, which is a good vote for computerised ink an paint,” said Bill. Computer animation was used on flying sequences in Fern gully Detailed 3-D computer models were built for all the characters in the sequence. Software capable of edge detection… Read More »

International Animation Festival Cardiff 1992

Rocking the Boat Cardiff is a major production centre for animation with many large and small studios producing TV series. These have grown with the help of the Welsh television channel SIC which was established in Cardiff in 1982. Rather like its London based counterpart Channel 4. SIC has been very keen to promote animation,… Read More »

Annecy Animation Festival 1991

The Annecy Animation Festival is the most spectacular event on the European animation calendar. David Jefferson went along for Animator magazine. The biannual animation festival had outgrown its Bonlieu Centre location and in 1991 was split in two. The artistic side remained at the Bonlieu and the business side was a bus ride away at… Read More »

Annecy Animation Festival 1991 – Page 2

Paul worked with Richard Purdom in London for eight years and learned a lot about animation by doing that specific kind of work. “I feel I have got to get into another area now, storytelling or movie-making,” said Paul. “Animation in advertising is not really movie-making, it concentrates on getting the message across.” Fortunately Richard… Read More »

Annecy Festival 1991 – The Golden Cartoon

The films competing for the Golden Cartoon must have gained awards at one of eight European festivals. Report by David Jefferson. Films selected to compete for the Golden Cartoon must have won major awards at one or more of the eight most important European animation festivals: Annecy, Brussels, Cardiff, Espinho, Stuttgart, Treviso, Utrecht and Zagreb.… Read More »

British animation’s big night out

Report by Graham Ralph. The lurid pink jacket climbed the short flight of steps and turned to confront the three hundred guests. Compare for the evening; writer comedian Tony Slattery, welcomed Rolf Harris. The occasion was the 1990 British Animation Awards held in the Assembly Rooms, Cardiff on November 29th. For the next two hours,… Read More »

Animation Festival Bristol ‘89

By David Jefferson The biennial International Animation Festival Bristol took place in November 1989. It is the second time the Festival has been held in Bristol and this year’s event was the best yet in terms of attendance and interesting events. The theme of the festival was ‘Tricks of the Trade’. This central theme was… Read More »

Animation Festival Bristol ‘89 – Page 2

A stand representing ASIFA and also John Halas’s video collection of ‘Animation Classics’ was manned by Pat Webb. Pat managed to see a few films in between her stint on the stand and spoke enthusiastically about a programme entitled ‘The UK Corral’: “An excellent batch of new British films in contrasting styles: Richard Ollive’s lyrical… Read More »

Annecy Animation Festival 1989

For one week at the end of May the beautiful lakeside resort of Annecy in the Haute-Savoie region of France was taken over by a hoard of animators, animation enthusiasts and salesmen for the biennial animation festival. Report by David Jefferson. This was my third visit to the festival and each time it gets bigger.… Read More »