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Issue 23 – Index of selected articles

The Animator’s Bookshelf Our reviewers look at some of the recently published books by film historians. Mickey Mouse – The Mouse’s Tale Mickey Mouse celebrates his sixtieth birthday on 18th November. He grants a rare interview to Brian Sibley. The International Trickfilm Festival Stuttgart ‘88 David Jefferson went along as an official guest and reports… Read More »

Issue 22 – Index of selected articles

The Bristol Animation Festival 1987 The Animation Festival was held in Bristol for the first time. David Jefferson reports. The Great Animation Debate A debate about merchandising held at the Bristol Animation Festival. Report by David Jefferson. Owning part of your dream Father Robert Murphy tells of his interest in collecting animation art. Stowaways on… Read More »

Issue 21 – Index of selected articles

Studio report Animation Stroud closes, The Secret Policeman’s Third Ball, Scratch animation complete BAM, Trekkin’ across the universe. The animation cel story Brian Clark of Film Sales Ltd directs our attention to a basic material many of us take for granted. Annecy Festival 1987 In part two David Jefferson reports on more of the film-makers… Read More »

Issue 20 – Index of selected articles

DRAW, DRAW, DRAW Malcolm McGookin is an animator and a part-time cartoon strip artist. He offers some useful advice to the aspiring cartoonist. My Top Ten animated films Godfrey Jones tells us about his favourite animated films plus a few pet hates. Annecy Animated Film Festival 1987 The biannual International Animated Film Festival, held in… Read More »

Issue 19 – Index of selected articles

My Favourite Shorts Dr. Scratch (Paul Thomas of Tiger Trax Animation) gives us his top-ten short film choice. Blowing in the wind Brian Sibley has been to see the new British feature length cartoon When The Wind Blows. The making of When the Wind Blows David Jefferson and Geoffrey Mackrill have been behind the scenes… Read More »

Issue 18 – Index of selected articles

David Hall’s Wonderland – book review Robin Allan has been reading a newly published edition of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It contains previously unpublished illustrations from the Disney archives by David Hall. Visit to Rushes Postproduction Ltd in London Rushes specialise in video editing and computer animation. David Jefferson met Chairman, Godfrey Pye… Read More »

Issue 17 – Index of selected articles

Issue number 17 – Autumn 1986. Brian Cosgrove co-founder of Cosgrove Hall In ten years Cosgrove Hall Productions grew from a small studio to a major animation centre, writes David Jefferson. The design team at Cosgrove Hall The Design Team prepare layouts and experiment with light, shade and colour. Ken Clark investigates. Chris Randall Chris… Read More »

Issue 16 – Index of selected articles

Issue number 16 – Summer 1986. Ken Clark chats with John Coates John Coates talks about the TVC animation studio and how it survived after the loss of its founder George Dunning. Will the REAL Walt Disney… Brian Sibley has been reading two biographies of Walt Disney; Leonard Mosley ‘s Real Walt Disney and Richard… Read More »

Issue 15 – Index of selected articles

Issue 15 – Spring 1986 Ken Clark chats with Bob Godfrey A good character animator should also be a good actor, and inside Bob Godfrey is a true thespian struggling to be seen and heard. A He-Man leads the U.S.A. $yndication War$ Syndication is the red hot TV cartoon trend of the 1980s says George… Read More »

Issue 14 – Index of selected articles

Issue 14 – Winter 1985 George Pal Puppetoons – the early years Ken Clark pieces together a portrait of George Pal – in his ealy days – as seen through the eyes of a number of star witnesses. Wolfgang Reitherman remembered Brian Sibly recalls the veteran Disney animator, Wolfgang Reitherman, who worked on the 1934… Read More »