The ReBoot series

The ReBoot series takes viewers into a world inside a personal computer, to the multi-level city of Mainframe populated by sprites – an eclectic mixture of digital information in the forms of robotic-looking biomes and human-like data sprites. ReBoot is a cross between the Gerry Anderson puppet production Thunderbirds (1966) and the Disney feature Tron … Read more

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Ironically, it is the realistic three-dimensional quality of ReBoot’s computer-generated characters that make its animation unique. The member’s of ReBoot’s cast behave, move and speak like actors in any television show. But ReBoot’s characters exist only as digital information – complex mathematical equations that imitate life. Like the concept of the show, until the digital … Read more

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ReBoot is produced by Christopher Brough whose extensive experience as a writer, producer and director of film and television projects and his specialization in animation led him to become an integral part of the ReBoot team. Chris’s career in animation has included stints as Executive Producer and Director at Hanna Barbera Studios, Vice President of … Read more

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Ian left Rushes to join a group of liked-minded creative people to found the world’s first fully digital facility, The Mill, where he was named Creative and Technical Director. Ian and The Mill parted company when he decided to devote his attention to the development of his pet project, ReBoot. During this time, Ian was … Read more

Animating with the Commodore Amiga

Christopher Barnatt looks at animation packages for the Commodore Amiga computer. Although way behind IBM and Apple PCs in the general popularity stakes, the range of Amiga computers from Commodore have long proved popular for animation and desktop video (DTV). One reason for this popularity is the fact that it is extremely easy to obtain … Read more

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For this reason, animation sequencing programs such as Deluxe Video III are available, which allow complex videos to be constructed from backgrounds, anims, animbrushes and even sound and MIDI files. To animate a character waving in Deluxe Video, it is only necessary for an animbrush of one wave motion (created in Deluxe Paint) and a … Read more

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Despite its image-format limitations, Take 2 is a superb animation package. Whereas I have experimented with Deluxe Paint and Deluxe Video, and have used them for titling showreels and creating character colour designs, Take 2 is the only package that has proved invaluable professionally. Specifically, I used Take 2, a Vidi Amiga digitizer, a reconditioned … Read more

The Pizazz scene Flock of Birds

Report by Ken Clark. In all probability, the next time you visit your local record shop a television screen will command your attention as it advertises the latest releases. One could be a new recording of Ravel’s Bolero by Pierre Boulez with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra on the Deutsche Grammophon label, with computer-generated hauntingly compelling … Read more

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Returning from Paris, Caroline continued freelancing but became more and more attached to Pizazz. After some seven years she is now a director. Three After-Thoughts Caroline’s ‘personal’ film did not start out as such. It began as part of a proposed series ‘Animators. in Concert’ for S4C (Wales) designed to attract a wider audience for … Read more


Speed of development in the computer sector is such that books on the subject are often out-of-date before they appear in the shops. The same is true of magazine articles, reports Ken Clark. The big news concerning Commodore came too late to be included in Part One. The parent company, Commodore Electronics Ltd. went into … Read more