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The making of Life Cycle

If you have an idea for a film but never have the time to make it, Neil Carstairs can recommend a two year posting to a remote part of Scotland to get you started. I finished all the drawings for my previous film The Circle and the Square in the first three months of a… Read More »

Ken Clark chats with Bob Godfrey

Bob Godfrey asserted his independence when he left the comparatively safe haven of W.H. Larkins and became self-employed in company with Keith Learner. Although we did not know it then, they were soon to be joined by Vera Linnecar and Nancy Hanna, to become the four corner posts of Biographic Cartoon Films Ltd. Bob won… Read More »

Ken Clark chats with Bob Godfrey – Page 2

A number of films which might have been made by Disney or Fleischer in the early days are now being made by people like Stephen Spielberg. Live-action films dominated by special effects are edging further and further into areas once the sole preserve of the animation studios. On the other hand, subjects that should be… Read More »

Ken Clark chats with Bob Godfrey – Page 3

K.C.: You mean… the narration suffers in translation? B.G.: Yes! Especially puns and ‘English’ jokes. And even the English voices have proved to be a drawback. Richard Briers has a very English voice for the Roobarb series, and then there is my own voice for Hemy’s Cat… K.C.: I think the timing ofa gag suffers… Read More »