Plasticine animation duo Wallace & Gromit to feature on Christmas stamps

        Category: Blog Plasticine animation | Article posted on: October 15, 2010

Following 12 months in hush-hush development, it has finally been revealed that Wallace & Gromit are to be pictured on this year’s Christmas stamps. Aardman teamed up with Royal Mail to produce the special edition Christmas stamps. They go on sale from the 2nd November 2010 and show the duo going about their seasonal duties.

Nick Park, the Creator of Wallace and Gromit, said “It was one of the biggest challenges my talented team and I have faced yet – to create memorable Christmas images of the duo – the size of postage stamps. But we knew we’d lick it in the end. It’s been such a wonderful honour and a pleasure to work with Royal Mail and to have my characters, Wallace and Gromit, immortalised on their very own stamps”.

The pictures are packed with detail, like the duo’s award-winning films, but with the added challenge of shrinking the ‘World of Wallace and Gromit’ to the size of a postage stamp.

Source: Aardman

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