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        Category: Blog Drawn animation Topical | Article posted on: March 24, 2010

Pencil Test Depot is a blog for the people who love pencil tests. Jamaal Bradley has amassed a collection of pencil tests from classic Disney films plus interesting pencil tests from other sources. A recent addition is a series of pencil tests from Disney’s Princess and the Frog that were animated by Matt Williames.

Another recent addition is a Frank Thomas rough pencil test of Captain Hook. In a comment to this video, animator Joel Brinkerhoff said “I love that frame with the three candles squashed and the stretched base on the candle stick as he slams it down. I also love the unfocused eyes as he collects himself.” I have attached the video clip below – can you spot these details?

Pencil Test Depot is a great resource for anyone studding animation.
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Pencil test of Captain Hook.