Money Saving Tips for 3D Animation

        Category: Blog Computer animation | Article posted on: July 12, 2012

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3D animation is engaging, creative and fun. It can also be a great tool for teaching and school projects. However, the costs of animation can outweigh the benefits. If you need some tips for lowering your artistic expenses, look no further. Take advantage of the following tips to help you cut down costs on your animation projects. Whether animation is a hobby or a lifelong passion, these tricks will help you save money by whittling away unnecessary expenditures.

Lower Computer Costs

One of the most expensive components of creating a 3D animation project is the computer. It is definitely important to have a good quality machine, but according to you shouldn’t have to spend over one thousand dollars on a computer to produce quality animations. CGMascot recommends prioritizing the processor and working memory, or RAM, which can easily be accomplished with a relatively inexpensive computer. The money you save on this purchase can be put toward other necessary aspects of 3D animation, like software.

Spend Less on Software

There are plenty of options for 3D animation software — so many, in fact, that it can be tricky determine which will best suit your needs. Keeping Up with the Studios, an article on, suggests narrowing down and specifically identifying the goals for your project. This step will help you save by eliminating software options that are not critical for developing your animation project. Once you’ve made a list of your animation goals, download free trial versions of software packages. Free trials allow you to take the software for a test run, enabling you to determine whether additional packages or services are necessary to use the software as you desire.

Find Free Tools

Animation can be a helpful tool for engaging students in class material. To utilize this tool without breaking the bank, Adobe Captivate Blog recommends downloading free animation software. The quality of these animations is often very high, and it does not need to meet professional standards to engage students. While animation alone is not enough to improve learning, it can certainly capture a crowd’s attention. This facilitates the learning process without creating a need for additional expenditures.

Whether you are using animation as a teaching tool or to fulfill your artistic dreams, it is easy to lower your expenses. Pursue your goals with a budget-friendly strategy such as finding affordable and free equipment. Your projects will maintain their quality, and your wallet will thank you.