Joanna Quinn retrospective exhibition at National Media Museum

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Girls Night Out

The National Media Museum, Bradford, England are staging an exhibition entitled Drawings that Move – The Art of Joanna Quinn’. It started on 16 October 2009 and runs to February 28th 2010. It features art and graphic work from films produced by Joanna over the last 25 years.

The exhibition is an incredibly detailed and extensive view, not only of the artwork itself but of the processes involved in the production of an animated film from initial scripts, storyboards, character designs etc. through to completely finished films.
The show traces Joanna’s development from her early days as a Graphic Design student at Southgate College and Middlesex University through to the foundation of her company Beryl Productions. It also shows the events and artists that have had a major influence on the evolution of Joanna’s particularly distinctive drawing style and animation technique.

I first met Joanna Quinn at the Annecy Animation festival in 1987 where her first professional short film ‘Girls Night Out’ was awarded the 2nd Special Jury Prize for rhythm and editing.

She was nominated for an Academy Award for her film ‘Famous Fred’ in 1998.

Her distinctive drawing style came to the attention of advertising agencies and she has animated many commercials, including numerous adverts for Charmin toilet paper and also Whiskas cat food.

Joanna’s 2006 film ‘Dreams and Desires-Family Ties’ won 14 international prizes, including the 2006 Cartoon d’Or.

Girls Night Out, by Joanna Quinn.

Watch more of Joanna Quinn’s films at Beryl Productions’ YouTube Channel.