Animation Festivals Directory reviewed

        Category: Blog Events | Article posted on: January 16, 2010

Animation Festivals website.

If you are a professional or student animator looking for a list of forthcoming animation festivals then the Animation Festivals Directory may be the answer. Their website is run by a small, but dedicated team, who aim to provide the International animation community with a constantly updated directory of festival listings. The website is completely free to use; their only request is that if you see a listing that is either out of date or incorrect, you let them know. That way the community constantly benefits.

Unless you have been in the animation industry for a number of years and built up your own database of festivals, there are very few places, if any, where you can find up to date festival listings all year round. The Animation Festivals Directory was born out of this need for a comprehensive directory of animation festivals around the world.

Whereas there are many film festivals out there, and it is not difficult to obtain a listing of these, it is a time consuming task finding out which ones accept animation. Students, producers, directors and others do not have the time or resources to search for the relevant festivals amongst all the others. is a very specific online resource which aims to take this headache away.