Digital FlipBook pencil animation software reviewed

        Category: Blog Drawn animation | Article posted on: May 7, 2010

DigiCel FlipBook enables you to draw 2D animations with your mouse or tablet pen. You can also import drawings captured with a webcam or scanner. It creates a movie file you can watch on any media player, post on the internet or record onto DVD and play on TV.

It is a good tool for practising drawn animation because it allows you to make key frames and then space then out to add in-betweens. Once you have created a few drawings you can play them back at various speeds and decide if you need more in-betweens.

The DigiCel FlipBook workspace, displaying a demo animation that comes with the software.

It can also be used to review pencil tests of drawings made on paper and captured with a webcam. A number of big name animation studios use FlipBook for this purpose. It has a built in exposure sheet system with a display of the sound track so is useful for testing lip synch animation.

The FlipBook lightbox showing three layers of drawings.

This is a tool for the serious animator. It does not come with lots of special effects, but it does have tools to help the hand animator. These include layers, light box, background and trace functions. The Light Box lets you determine just how visible previous and next layers are when adding drawings. The Trace tool makes it easy to redraw roughs as finished line work. The drawing tools include variable line thicknesses, flexible lines and ovals. Colour can be added by brush, can or spray.

There are several easy to follow instructional videos on DigiCel website and there are a number of animations created with the software on YouTube.

You can try it out for yourself by downloading the trial version from the DigiCel. It is fully working but the movies it creates have a large permanent watermark.

Tip: if you decide to buy the software from the DigiCel website shop then look for the special offer on the home page of their website to get 50% off.

Visit the DigiCel website.