David Hand Book of Keys – reference pages

        Category: Blog Drawn animation | Article posted on: November 22, 2010

Following on from Mitchell Manuel’s guest post about the Book of Keys, here are some photographs showing the early pages in the book. They are colored images cut out of books or magazines and pasted into the book. This gives an interesting insight on the book as an educational tool.

In Animator Issue 10 there was a report on The Art Babbitt Classical Animation Course. These pictures reminded me of something Art said about the necessary qualifications for an aspiring animator:

“He must possess at least a cursory knowledge and an appreciation of all kinds of art. From Rembrandt to Jackson Pollock – from Breughel to Picasso – from Rowlandson to Ronald Searle.”

“In sum – an animator must be a student of everything that might or does exist. From the shiver of a blade of grass, affected by an invisible breeze, to the behaviour of a starving hobo eating the first steak he has had in years. From a baby, tentatively trying to walk for the first time, to an elephant doing a can-can.”

Click on small pictures below to see a larger version.