Behind the scenes of Coraline

        Category: Blog Puppet animation | Article posted on: January 22, 2010


A series of short videos about the making of the animated puppet film “Coraline” can be viewed on the Film in Focus website. Coraline is directed by Henry Selick and is said to be the first stop-motion animated puppet adventure to be originally filmed in 3D.

It is the story of Coraline Jones, who is bored in her new home until she finds a secret door and discovers an alternate version of her life on the other side. This parallel reality seems much better than her real life to start with, but then this seemingly perfect world turns dangerous – and the fun begins.

There are ten behind-the -scenes videos, each running for two to three minutes.

The one called “Bringing It To Life Featurette” uses speeded up footage to show the animators at work. There are also clips from the movie interspersed with interviews with the film makers.

A video called “Brian and Martin Featurette” concentrates on a scene where Coraline gets accidentally soaked from a bath shower. To animate the water they created a series of plastic models of the spray water and substituted them one frame at a time.

The “3D Featurette” demonstrates how they set about shooting the two viewpoints necessary for 3D using just one camera.

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