Bad Penguin on a mission to preserve traditional 2D animation

        Category: Blog Drawn animation | Article posted on: May 18, 2011

Bad Penguin

“Once upon a time, in a far away land, cartoons were drawn by hand. Teams of artists painstakingly illustrated cartoons frame-by-frame, creating lavish worlds and colors only previously seen in imagination. In today’s computer world, this craft is all but forgotten,” writes British Academy Award winning animator and author, Tony White.

In a bid to revive the ancient art of hand drawn animation Tony is in the process of raising funds to make a trailer for a project called Bad Penguin at They are 90% funded and have until June 5, 2011 to get the last 10% (otherwise they don’t get anything!).

Bad Penguin tells the story of Cooper, a blind jazz musician who befriends an angry, armed-to-the-teeth penguin that wishes to show Clover City how it feels about Christmas. In a world where a man’s life is worth less than the change in his pockets, can a blind man teach the bird that people and Christmas are both worthwhile?

Character sketches for Bad Penguin

The beauty of this project – should it ultimately get going – is that it will be run through a virtual studio concept. This means that it can involve traditional animators from around the world, keeping the quality high and the costs low.

If you pledge money to this project there are various goodies on offer depending on the amount. They range from Bad Penguin postcards, buttons and t-shirts through to your likeness as a character in the feature with your name in the trailer credits.

You can find out more and make a donation at (until June 5, 2011).