Peter Lord of Aardman awarded Golden Palmeras at Mostra de Valencia

        Category: Animators Blog | Article posted on: October 25, 2010

Peter Lord of Aardman Animations was awarded a Golden Palmeras at the 31st Mostra de Valencia – International Film Festival, Spain (15 – 23 October 2010) for his lifetime achievement in animation.

Peter Lord

Peter Lord is co-founder of Bristol based, Aardman Animations, known world wide for their Wallace and Gromit plasticine animation movies, and winners of four Oscars.

Talking at a press conference during the festival Peter Lord said that for him it was very important that their work is appreciated for the craftsmanship and skill with which it is made. He explained that plasticine is infinitely flexible, you can do anything you want with it. There is a difference between digital and plasticine animation. “The way it has been the produced is visible in the final product and is very obviously crafted by hand,” said Lord.

When asked if Aardman would consider making a live action film Lord said that they preferred to do their acting with clay. Aardman have discussed the possibility of filming with real actors but have ruled it out.

Festival website: Mostra de Valencia