Oscar Grillo and Monsiuer Pett at Spine TV

        Category: Animators Blog | Article posted on: September 10, 2010

Monsiuer Pett.

Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley were featured in a article in Animator issue number 22 (Spring 1988). Nick Bamigboye of Spine TV has written to tell me that they have just added a recent video interview with Oscar Grillo to their website, together with the animated short Monsieur Pett.

Monsiuer Pett was made by Oscar Grillo and Ted Rockley at Klacto Animations in 2000. The film has never been shown on TV or at the cinema. It is set at the turn of century Paris, Pett is a little man with an unfortunate problem which leads to social disgrace who then finds salvation as a famous music-hall artist.

Oscar Grillo is well known for his animation work on adverts particularly his Umbongo ad made in 1983, which is still shown today. Grillo also won a Golden Palm award for his animation for the Linda McCartney song Seaside Woman.

Spine TV interviewed Oscar Grillo at his London home. Oscar begins by talking about a recent advertising commission. He hated it “because however much work you put in to it there is always someone in the middle telling you what is wrong with it”. He felt like replying “If you know so much do it yourself”.

Oscar Grillo.

He mentions his graphic novel, The World Is Round, which has reached such a cult status that copies are sold on eBay for an incredible amount of money, possibly more than he was originally paid to illustrate it.

Oscar says that his greatest pleasure is drawing. Through most of the interview he is seen drawing as he talks. He holds some of his paintings up to the camera and talks about what inspired him to create them. He has such a prolific output that he has five blogs on the internet displaying his work.

Visit Oscar Grillo’s Grillomation blog.

Editor’s note: Last time we looked the Spine TV website was down.