Aardman Launches New Animate It! Kit

        Category: Blog Plasticine animation | Article posted on: July 4, 2012

Have you ever watched an Aardman film and wanted to try plasticine animation yourself? Aardman have released a brand new Animate It! kit containing materials and software to help you get started.

Built around Aardman’s world-leading stop-frame technique and characters, the pack comes complete with software, tutorials and moulds to make your characters.

The kit contains software that enables you to shoot your animation sequences using a webcam and store them on your computer. A webcam and computer are NOT included. There is an on-screen tutorial from an Aardman Animator. A Morph character can be modeled with the clay supplied. To help with this there is a Flexi-mould and stick-in eyes.

The software has a green screen ‘Chroma-Key’ option which enables you to add your own photo backgrounds – or simply use the pictures bundled on the DVD. A green felt sheet is supplied to provide the background.

And to give you inspiration for your animation there is a DVD with 26 classic Morph animated episodes.

The Animate It! kit is a good way of introducing youngsters to the fun of animation.