David Hand Book of Keys – G.B. Animation

Lion cub

Following on from Mitchell Manuel’s guest post about the Book of Keys, here are more images from his collection of David Hand drawings and model sheets. They are model sheets from the British animation studio G.B. Animation. They are probably from the Animaland series of short cartoons (1948 – 1950).

Young lion

Bear cub




Cuckoo model sheet 1

Cuckoo model sheet 2.

Pop model sheet.

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3 thoughts on “David Hand Book of Keys – G.B. Animation

  1. Chris Sobieniak

    Incidentally, the ones of the character named “Coco” (and perhaps the bear character above) were not from an Animaland cartoon, but from a series of cinema adverts that GB Animation produced around 1946 for Rowntree’s Cocoa that featured this black boy character doing different things per cartoon (lasting roughly a few minutes each). Here is one of them…

    I just thought you’d like to know!

    1. David Post author

      Thank you for the extra information Chris.

      1. Chris Sobieniak

        Thanks. The first two drawings by the way are from “The Lion” and the bottom three are from “The Cuckoo” just so you know!

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