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Animating with the Commodore Amiga – Page 3

Despite its image-format limitations, Take 2 is a superb animation package. Whereas I have experimented with Deluxe Paint and Deluxe Video, and have used them for titling showreels and creating character colour designs, Take 2 is the only package that has proved invaluable professionally. Specifically, I used Take 2, a Vidi Amiga digitizer, a reconditioned… Read More »

The Rose of Baghdad

Giannalberfo Bendazzi’s lecture delivered to the Society for Animation Studies at Farnham – A Producer and His Film: Anton Gino Domeneghini and La Rosa Di Bagdad (The Rose of Baghdad). Précis by Ken Clark. Giannalberto Bendazzi’s self-appointed mission in life is to draw attention to La Rosa Di Bagdad (1949) which, he claimed, had largely… Read More »

Graham Ralph: From Spider to Opera

All in a day’s work Spider moved into the Top Ten Videos list in its first month, has run for over four years and sold more than 80,000 copies in the UK alone. Ken Clark visited director Graham Ralph. The road to success in animation is fraught with as many heartaches, setbacks and periods of… Read More »

Graham Ralph: From Spider to Opera – Page 3

“Most of them are not employable straight away,” he explains, “Companies such as ours who do mainstream commercials require experienced personnel because there are so many professional requirements. No matter how talented newcomers may be they cannot possibly meet the standards. Jerry and I still direct, draw and animate and that is the problem, we… Read More »