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Speed of development in the computer sector is such that books on the subject are often out-of-date before they appear in the shops. The same is true of magazine articles, reports Ken Clark. The big news concerning Commodore came too late to be included in Part One. The parent company, Commodore Electronics Ltd. went into… Read More »

ANIM-AMIGA – Part Two – Page 2

“The initial offer to join the project is to establish a common format within the membership,” I was told, “so that we can supply Harry to all hospitals without restrictions on the type of media that they can use. Harry is available as a printed photocopyable comic showing some of the more common hospital procedures,… Read More »

ANIM-AMIGA – Part Two – Page 3

“I am often asked to come into the school after hours to meet the teachers and set the ball rolling. Each teacher then sets his or her class a special project. I come in later to provide the technical support to make their films”. This form of co-operation is achieved through INSET (In Service Education… Read More »

Animation:Master review

Animation:Master is a 3D computer animation program that works on the PC, Mac and Silicon Graphics platforms. David Jefferson reviews the PC version. Animation:Master is a development of Playmation from Hash Inc., USA. It has very powerful features and is capable of producing film resolution animation with the appropriate hardware. It is a rendering program… Read More »

Animation:Master review – Page 3

A technique called Inverse Kinematics can be used to animate skeletal motion. The problem with the traditional way of making skeletal motion is one of starting at the wrong end. For example, if you wanted the character to brush her hair, and her hand was by her side, you would start at the shoulder, rotate… Read More »

Allah v. Disney in the South China Sea

Dr. Timothy White (National University of Singapore) and Mr. Emmeff Winn (Auburn University) presented a thought-provoking paper at Farnham, which went a long way to explaining the reception of Disney’s latest feature Aladdin in those parts of the world with significantly high Muslim populations. These parts include Indonesia, which has the largest Muslim population in… Read More »