Is there a future in short animated fiction? – Page 3

Clare Kitson, a programme commissioner for Channel 4 television, was also optimistic. She maintained the future of personal animated films depended on three factors; whether there is public demand; whether there are animators who are up to it; and whether there is money. “Up to now we have not been sure about the public demand, … Read more

The history of the animation cel

Stained glass windows, gun cotton, incendiaries and Celluloid By Brian Clark of Film Sales Ltd. The West window of the Church of the House of Prayer, Newark, New Jersey bears a spiritual likeness and Latin inscription dedicated to the Reverend Hannibal Goodwin. The motivation for this stained glass dedication was not so much related to … Read more

The history of the animation cel – Page 2

At this level triacetate has shown itself to be in with more than a good chance. Film Sales’ search for an animation-copy-suitable triacetate cel concentrated on a formulation that provided the highest softening point to withstand that temperature, and one whose production ensures the absolute minimum of residual solvent. Removal of casting solvent could never … Read more

Flip-books – More than child’s play

Karen Rosenberg reviews the work of professional flip-book-maker Ruth Hayes. These days the flip book is generally considered kiddie fare, if it is considered at all. What’s a flip book? Well, the Germans call it Daumenkino, thumb cinema, because it’s a form of animation: a series of sequential images on a bound stack of paper … Read more

DeluxPaint Animation

David Jefferson tries his hand at computer animation with a software package for personal computers. DeluxPaint Animation is a comprehensive animation program for personal computers. It runs in 320 x 200 lines mode with 256 colours. This resolution is good enough for line testing animation, producing computer based business presentations or adding animated titles to … Read more

DeluxPaint Animation – Page 2

Backgrounds can be drawn and painted separately and then added to a sequence of animation once it is complete. The background can also be saved in an artwork file and used for other sequences. Several sequences with a common background can be linked at the player stage to form a longer sequence. A scanner may … Read more