Bernie Kay: Scriptwriting for Animation

He reveals his methods Interview by David Jefferson Bernie Kay has written scripts for a number of children’s animated TV series, including Bananaman, Telebugs, and The Pondles. He came over from America quite a few years ago and got a lob in an advertising agency. That is where he got his training as a writer, … Read more

John Halas Profile

A man with wisdom and experience to guide him By Ken Clark Abroad he is wined, dined and feted. Japan is one of his greatest admirers, with Albania and Bulgaria close followers. In America he excites great respect and where in recent times they have acted as host to his exhibition ‘Art & Animation’. A … Read more

John Halas Profile – Page 2

He no longer runs a large studio, although his present offices are quite spacious by any standard. He is now the complete designer, steering projects dear to his heart through the various stages, to the point where he can call on other experts to produce the surplus artwork and attend to the mechanical functions. He … Read more

John Halas Profile – Page 3

Films made during the war years helped sharpen the intellect. In order to explain, to educate or to inform it was necessary to acquire in the short term a degree of knowledgeable expertise concerning the subject on the drawing board. From naval manoeuvres, fighting fires, growing your own vegetables, war on waste, post-war explanations re. … Read more

John Halas Profile – Page 4

This project is the commencement of a life-long ambition for John Halas, and he is to be congratulated on the successful integration of conventional animation, diagrammatic stylisation, and computer generated visuals. My only criticism is of the scriptwriters. Faced with the monumental task of presenting a large part of the Bible in just half-an-hour while … Read more