Perspective for Animators – Page 2

The key to rotating objects in perspective is the ellipse. Figure 5A shows a circle drawn on a grid. Figure 5B shows the grid drawn in perspective (turn it on its side and you will see that it is similar to figures 1 and 2). Using the grid as a guide, it is possible to … Read more

Cartoons, Computers and Antics

There are many myths and mis-conceptions about what computer animation can and cannot do. Alan Kitching attempts to clarify things and answer the commonest questions. “Animation” is often synonymous with “cartoons” in many peoples’ minds: “Animation? – Oh, you mean like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny?” is a typical response, which can be frustrating for … Read more

Cartoons, Computers and Antics – Page 2

There is now a huge variety of paintbox systems on the market, varying from low-cost PC systems for business graphics and slides, up to expensive high- resolution systems for full-colour print publishing. Most have little real animation potential other than frame-by-frame use, except that some of them (like Quantel or Bosch) can be combined with … Read more