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Perspective for animators – Page 2

There are at least two ways to tackle drawing in perspective; the “architects approach” and the “artists approach”. The architect takes his floor plan and elevations of a building, makes a series of projection drawings and produces an impression of a structure which may not even exist yet. The artist sketches the scene before him… Read More »

Perspective for animators – Page 3

You may have seen the computer generated workings of Big Ben in Disney’s Basil, the Great Mouse Detective. It was very impressive, but I would challenge the makers on the angle of view. As we flew around between the gears I got the distinct impression that the angle was far greater than 90 degrees. Perhaps… Read More »

Animated Pictures at an Exhibition

Pat Raine Webb takes a humorous look at an exhibition from the exhibitor’s angle. I recently had the dubious honour of representing ASIFA at a Video/Animation Show in London. I came to the conclusion that the most boring thing in the universe, with the possible exception of tomato soup and Jeffrey Archer, is manning (or… Read More »