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Pondles join pre-school market – Page 4

They also control the style of trace lines on the cels when matching the new sequences with the stock scenes. “We have three tracers and they’ve all been fantastic. At the beginning of production we decided on the type of line required and gave the tracers example cels to follow. These showed exactly what weight… Read More »

Pondles join pre-school market – Page 7

Flowchart from episode seven. Each episode is broken down into scenes on a modified dope sheet. From left to right: The action, scene number, footage, sections to be filled as completed (Key, animation, layout), stock number (if any), backgrounds and overlays, peg positions and any other information. This sheet is filled in by the Layout… Read More »

Pondles join pre-school market – Page 8

A single record of the theme song of the series will be released to tie-in with the series. “It is not a pre-school record, it is an up-market production. We are also putting out a cassette of songs from the series for children, there will be three 40-minute videos, and four story books. Other elements… Read More »