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Micro-computer rostrum control

Thoughts on micro-computer rostrum control and still being able to afford to eat. Introduced by Mike Joyce. To some people, making animation films is about rough scribbles turning into polished drawings full of movement and life. But to me this is only part of the fun. I am lust as excited by the whole process… Read More »

Micro-computer rostrum control – Page 2

There are a number of features of computer control which are extremely beneficial for the rostrum cameraman. Firstly the enormous amount of time saved by getting the computer to do the number crunching. This is what computers do best. The speed of calculation is quite dazzling. Take a typical diagonal pan and zoom shot of… Read More »

D.I .Y. Rostrum – Part Three

The Filmcraft 80 Rostrum is suitable for 8mm cameras and light 16mm cameras. In the final part David Jefferson describes the construction of a glass platen. The platen glass holds the artwork and cels flat for filming. If it is to accommodate various thicknesses of artwork, a simple hinge system would not work because thick… Read More »

The making of Life Cycle

If you have an idea for a film but never have the time to make it, Neil Carstairs can recommend a two year posting to a remote part of Scotland to get you started. I finished all the drawings for my previous film The Circle and the Square in the first three months of a… Read More »