D.I.Y Rostrum

The Filmcraft 80 Rostrum is suitable for 8mm cameras and light 16mm cameras. David Jefferson tells you how you can build your own version of it. When I designed the Filmcraft 80 Rostrum in 1979 I had three basic criteria apart from the obvious one of it doing the job well. 1: It had to … Read more

D.I.Y Rostrum – Page 2

The feet are attached in the same way. These are pre-drilled to take bolts but as I was standardizing on quarter inch whitworth bolts I found I had to drill these again to enlarge them. The uprights were also drilled a few inches from the top to take the bolts for the lighting bar. The … Read more

The housing that Jerry built

Cohn Pain tells how the film Animation My Way encouraged him to try his hand at cartoon animation. This led to his recent production about sub-standard housing. I bought my first cine camera when my first son was born 27 years ago. It was not until I joined the Whitehall Cine Society that I really … Read more