Annecy Animation Festival 1985 – Page 4

Top left: Marie-Noëlle Provent, President of the International Animated Film Centre. Middle left: Phil Austin and Derek Hayes, Britain. Bottom left: An Annecy street scene. Top right: A Greek Tragedy by Nicole Van Goethem. Grand Prix winner at Annecy 1985. Middle right: The Festival hall. Bottom right: Carnival, Susan Young, Britain. page 1 | page … Read more

Annecy Animation Festival 1985 – Page 5

The Special Jury Prize was shared by two seasoned filmmakers, Ishu Patel of Canada and Rein Raamat of the USSR. Patel’s film Paradise is the tale of a rather ordinary looking blackbird who longs to be like the birds of paradise that live in a glittering palace. He dresses up to look like the birds … Read more

Early Animated Adverts programme at the NFT

There was an air of incompleteness when the lights came up at the conclusion of the National Film Theatre’s programme of Animated Adverts on 8th July 1985 write Jane Henry and Charles Garvie. Although the event admitted to being only early animated commercials we were still left feeling cheated, as if we had only been … Read more

Computer animation at Lucasfilm

The Adventures of Andre and WaIIy B. recieved a Special Award from the 1985 Canadian International Animation Festival in Toronto. The whole film was generated by computer. David Jefferson reports on a talk given by two of the film’s makers at the Annecy Festival. Picture, if you can, a wide angle shot of a wooded … Read more

Inbetweening by home computer

The general principles of inbetweening are given in a programme that can be adapted for most home micro computers. David Jefferson explains how it works. This programme will make inbetween drawings for two given drawings. It will do as many inbetween steps as you ask it. The way it works is to look at both … Read more

Arthur Humberstone senior animator

After 40 years in the animation business Arthur Humberstone is still going strong. He was involved with the feature films Animal Farm, The Yellow Submarine, Watership Down and The Plague Dogs. David Jefferson went along to Arthur’s home studio to find out more about his approach to animation. I first met Arthur Humberstone in 1977 … Read more